Mental Health Awareness Week & the new Big Book


You may have seen a lot of activity across all kind of mental health organisations, media, tv programmes and awareness raising activity for

If you are going to be far later than intended with a Big Book, then it’s as good week as any to get the last bits done, while planning ways to get both online and printed versions out there.


We had genuinely thought April would be doable, with both authors planning chunks of time to get this done. Apologies to all for not quite making it , but unavoidable stuff has got in the way for us both. and we have slipped into May. The final uploadable and print copy should be ready for setting up in new online homes and printing to start early next week. I will post again to confirm the how?, where? and when? , to get your copy , some pre-ordering possibilities pre- ordering and then to announce when the books are for download or available from all good bookshops. Thank you hugely for your kind patience

Please take a look :

  • and on our Downloads page where we will be posting some useful updated sample pages from the new edition to give both a preview of what’s inside and some free practical tools that may be helpful

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