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Out now – Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2021 – 2022!!

(This post was updated on 3rd July 2021)

After the odd hiccup, reworking of proofs, we are proud to announce the birth of our new baby, the Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2021/22

There has been a lot of beavering away and a few hiccups along the way, so we just missed our once historic Midsummer’s day publication. All the pages are in the right order, mostly typo free, detailed contents pages (whole book and each chapter) lined up, a clever idea which turned out not be in the proofs put right, and some last minute updating spotted along the way. So order now to be one of the first to get your copy, hot off the press and sooo… cutting edge.

A mock up of the The Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2021/22

You can order your copy: by clicking on the link at: CPAG

Or by ordering at your favourite local bookshop.

Or by clicking on the link at: Amazon

The mock-up to the left gives an impression of how it looks but it will actually come with a black spiral binding.

And with new stiffer laminated covers to help keep the pages in order and giver a nicer harder wearing finish.

We are also going to pilot an online edition this year via the CPAG website and will post anew when that’s up and running.

You can read more about this edition on the book’s own page on this site, which you can get to direct by clicking here

You can also get what lies between its covers by clicking here.

It has put on lockdown weight at a time of high paper prices for printing. So, after holding the price for 5 years, there is a regrettable need for a small price increase to £28

The ISBN number that can help your local book shop track it down is: 978-0-9954595-4-0.

Please let us know what you think using the feedback page near the back of the book or leaving a comment .

We hope you – or the people you support – feel the benefit over the coming year. Good luck 🙂