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Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2021 – 2023!!

(This post was updated on 29th March 2022)

The current edition of the Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health is being extended from its original 2021-22 date to become the Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2021-23

A free Update Pack will enable you to extend your current copy beyond April 2022. If you haven’t got a copy of the current edition you still can at one of the links below.

Back in Summer 2021 we wrote: There has been a lot of beavering away and a few hiccups along the way, so we just missed our Midsummer’s day publication date. The delay does mean we have incorporated a number of changes made in the early Summer of 2021, making this edition even more cutting edge than it would have been.

A mock up of the The Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2021/22

You can order your copy:

  • By clicking on the link at: CPAG
  • Or by ordering at your favourite local bookshop.
  • Or by clicking on the link at: Amazon

The mock-up to the left gives an impression of how it looks but it will actually come with a black spiral binding.

And with new stiffer laminated covers to help keep the pages in order and giver a nicer harder wearing finish. New copies will soon start to ship with an amended cover saying 2021/23 and with the link to our downloads page where you will find the free April 2022 Updater Pack

Alternatively, you can take out an annual subscription to the Online Edition for £24.00 from the Ask CPAG website. This offers the same content and layout as the printed version, except that the text will amended to include all the changes in the April 2022 Updater Pack

You can read more about the current edition and the April 2022 Update Pack – on the Big Book’s own page on this website, which you can get to direct by clicking here

You can also get what lies between its covers by clicking here.

It has put on lockdown weight at a time of high paper prices for printing. So, after holding the price for 5 years, there is a regrettable need for a small price increase to £28.00 for the printed version , but £24.00 for the Online Edition.

The ISBN number that can help your local book shop track it down is: 978-0-9954595-4-0.

Please let us know what you think – both about the book itself and the way we are extending it to April 2023- by using the feedback page near the back of the book or leaving a comment.

The upside of this extension is that the book can be useful right through until April 2023, so it could end up lasting you nearly two years. The downside is some extra faff in needing to refer to the Updater Pack .

We hope you – and the people you support – feel the benefit. Good luck 🙂