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Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health 2018 -20

Unfortunately, delays have meant that we have gone well beyond any decent or viable time to produce our planned 2018/19 edition 😦
Our high hopes to continue bringing forward the annual publication date seems to have tempted providence and we are truly sorry for having let our regular readers , ourselves and our founding Jude down 😦
Failure to achieve that promise is not through lack of care or commitment, but possibly too much. But as we pick ourselves up off the floor of our our abject failure – for which we can only hope for your kind forgiveness – there may be some silver linings from the cunning plan as to what to do about the cloud of our failure.
SO… the usual update has now morphed into the longer lasting Big Book of Benefits and Mental Healt 2018-20, due out in September, with free downloadable updates throughout its longer shelf life.
We would very much welcome your feedback on how well this works for you indeciding where we go with the edition after that.. But there are some potential advantages in doing things differently:
  • we will be able to be bang up to date with some important summer changes in response to Court judgements on disability discrimination in both  UC and PIP, along with the lates on the future “managed migration” over to UC
  • it will reduce the cost of keeping an up to date version of the Big Book as this one will be good – with updates – until April 2020
  • It will give us a longer time to take a really good look at the current format with the aim of  keeping all the useful stuff , but trying to make it lighter to read and carry .
  • We also need to make room as more Scottish benefits emerge – not just for readers in Scotland, but also as comparisons across that border could be a useful compare and contrast.
See the longer version of this post on the Big Book of Benefits and Mental Health page – here –  for a summary of main changes in the new edition  due out in September.
We will also post on here – and on our facebook page – as we progress towards a final publication date